Stories are important. They are central to human communication. Telling stories sparks connections to cultures and histories; to legends and myths; to universal truths; to others and, most importantly perhaps, to yourself.

Storically.com is a platform that enriches storytelling through creating personalized books.

We do this in two ways

We create story templates that can be personalized by selecting a character, adding in a name and other details.

We also enable people to share their personal stories, their history and identity through books and e-books. We are pushing the boundaries of personalized-books to help people connect to family, friends and community in a meaningful way; to help us remember and be remembered.

How did it begin?

Some moments change your life. My life was transformed when I won a weekend start-up event conducted by one of UAE’s top incubators, Sheraa in Sharjah in November 2019. I was juggling my passion for books around my children’s schedule. But on that weekend, I was dunked head-first into the long and forgotten world of working 16 hours a day to bring an idea to life. At the end of the weekend, we did our final pitches. I won a grant that not only gave me the funds to start on this journey but also the validation and confidence I needed to persevere.

Storically is indeed very special to me because it shows that I can turn my dreams into a beautiful reality. Today I am telling my story to the world and I want everyone to be able to do so.