All about the personalised storybooks

1. How to create a personalised book?

A personalized book is very special. It increases involvement and engagement as children get very excited to see themselves in the narrative. Follow these simple steps to create a personalized book today!

  1. Pick any of our titles.
  2. Customize the book by adding details like name of the child, age and select a character that resembles your child. color. You can add the sender’s name along with a small message. In some books, you can also upload the picture of the child. You can preview, revise, make necessary changes and own the book. Your child’s name will be displayed in the book along with the message which you have written.

Make sure that you check how the book appears online. Please ensure all spellings are correct. If everything seems fine, you can proceed with the order. Then sit back and wait for your book to arrive in 5-7 days.

2. How do I write a personalized book on my own?

If you want to write a story of your own, There are two ways to do so:

  1. Freestyle writing: Feel free and write away, as much or as little as you like.
    • Once you are done, review your writing and click submit. We will get in touch with you with an edited draft. We can do upto three revisions to come up with the final version.
    • Our illustrators with work on the draft, and get your approval on the look and feel of the book. Up to three revisions are included.
    • Once we finalize the details, just sit back and wait for your own special book to arrive.
  2. Guided writing: If you are not comfortable writing on your own, we can guide you with writing prompts. These are the steps to follow:
    • Step 1- Select your audience- To whom would you like to narrate this story?
    • Step 2- Select the genre- What would you like to narrate?
    • Step 3- Answer the questions and start writing your story.
    • Step 4- Once you are done, click on the review button to go over what you have typed. If everything seems good, then simply click on the submit button.
    • Step 5- Sit back and relax, while we do our magic and create a personalized book for you.

3. I unknowingly made a spelling mistake. Is there a possibility to correct it?

Once your order is confirmed, then there is no possibility to make changes. Please make sure that the name of the child and the small written message has no spelling and grammatical errors.

(However, do reach out to us on info@storically.com and we will try our best to see if we can help.)

4. What is the character limit allowed in required fields while personalizing the book?

All the character limits have been decided keeping in mind the font and spaces. The limit has been set to make sure the finished book looks perfect. You can easily check the characters in the field boxes.

We have set a limit of __15__characters for the name of the child and 15 characters for the sender’s name. The small message can be written within 200 characters.

5. My child’s name is more than 15 characters. What do I do?

We have set the limit of 15 characters for the name of the child, keeping in mind the space available. If it is exceeding 15 characters, you can come up with a nickname or shorten the name.

(However, do reach out to us on info@storically.com and we will try our best to see if we can help.)

6. Is it possible that my child’s name is printed differently on the cover page and in the pages inside the book?

The name that you have entered in the required fields will appear throughout the book. We make changes in certain pages. Sometimes we shorten the name or modify it to fit it into the page.

Suppose, Ferdinand is the hero of our book. His name appears as Ferdinand in all pages. But in some pages, a shorter name like 'Ferd', 'F' or anything you want will be used as long as it fits the allocated space and page layout.

7. I want the child to directly receive the gift. Will the invoice or receipt reflecting the amount spent on the gift will also be sent?

No, the invoice or receipt is not included with the package. The package will only have the name of the child and address which is given by you at the time of placing the order.


1. What are the accepted modes of payment?

Payment can be made online via credit card through our secure payment gateway.

2. Is the Cash on Delivery (COD) option available?

No, as this is a personalized product, we only create it after receiving the payment online.
However, you can preview the entire book online before placing the order.

3. Is it possible to cancel the order after placing it?

Once the order is placed and the payment is done, it cannot be cancelled.

4. Is it possible to modify the order?

Unfortunately this is not possible. As soon as the order is placed, it is sent for printing. Please check the details and the contents of the book thouroughly before placing the order.

Promo Code

1. Can I use a promo code along with the E-Gift certificate?

Yes, you can use both codes in one order.

2. Is it possible to use two promo codes in one order?

No. You cannot use two promo codes together.

3. Do promo codes come with a validity period?

Sadly, yes. All promo codes have a fixed validity period. Details of the validity are mentioned against the promo code.

E-Gift Certificates

If you would like to send a e-gift certificate to a loved one, Simply email us on info@storically.com with the following information:

- Who is it from

- Who is it for

- Amount

- Personal message

We love giving gifts, so every gift certificate earns you a 5% discount on your next purchase.

Refer A Friend

1. How do I refer a friend?

This section will be added soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to refer a friend, please get in touch with us on sadia@storically.com, and we can help you out. Ever referral earns you a 5% discount on your next purchase.

Damaged Book/s

1. I received a damaged book. What do I do?

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the mistake. We request all the customers to kindly check the package before signing the shipping delivery slip. If you sign it, that means you have received the book without any damage.

But if you find that the book is damaged, or the pages are torn or falling apart, or if you received a wrong book, or if there’s any printing mistake, then please write your queries to: info@storically.com. Attach the pictures along with the email. All this has to be done within__24__ hours of receiving the package.

The final decision is taken by Storically. If there’s a fault on our end, then we will send you a new book.

How to get in touch with us:

1. How can I contact Storically?

Get in touch with us: info@storically.com